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Brands and individuals are opting to buy Instagram video views and story views to boost their digital marketing campaign and showcase their popularity.

If you buy Instagram story views, your story will be recommended more to Instagram users who are not yet following you. Therefore, you are likely to get more new followers and become more popular. Similarly, if you buy Instagram views for almost all your videos, the videos will reach more and more Instagram users. Brands and businesses are spending their money to buy Instagram story views for all important stories to drive their sales and revenue. Similarly, they are investing their digital marketing budget for buying Instagram views for all videos to make their followers look like every video is going viral and thereby increasing the trust factor and instigating them to buy their products and services.

Individuals with a limited budget are posting limited stories and videos every week. Then they are opting to buy Instagram story views and video views to make them look elite and increase engagement and reach.

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How Do Views Work On Instagram Videos?

If you are striving to build your reach, buy Instagram video views. It helps you to enhance your visibility globally. The view count on an Instagram video does not include the video loops. A view is counted only when the video is watched for at least 3 seconds or more. Unless a video has a high view count, the video will not get popular and viral. Besides, your own followers might not check your video out if they find that the video count is low. Therefore, you need to buy Instagram views to increase engagement and reach. Many brands and businesses are purchasing Instagram views to increase their reach. So, why wait? Grab our top-notch Instagram views and grow your engagement now!

What Do You Mean By Instagram Story Views?

Nowadays, many brands prefer to buy Instagram story views to boost their awareness. The number of people who actually click and watch your Instagram story determines the Instagram story views. The Instagram Story is exclusively for the followers you have on your Instagram account. But the number of views you get on each of your stories determines the ranking order in which your stories will be shown to your followers in the story section of their feed. Moreover, the more the views on an Instagram story, the greater will be its reach among the followers. Therefore, one needs to buy Instagram story views to get a higher position in every follower’s story feed and increase the reach.

Why We Are Best On Video Views And Story Views?

We are experts at providing Instagram video views and story views. When you buy Instagram story views or video views, we ensure instant delivery at a faster speed. All the views we provide to your video or story after you buy Instagram story views or videos views are real and non-drop. If you buy Instagram story views, you can check the insights to find out that views are coming from real Instagram accounts. Since these views are real, they are 100% safe. Therefore, whether you buy Instagram views or story views, you can rest assured that you will get premium-quality views for every order.

We have the most affordable pricing for brands and individuals to buy Instagram views and story views. There are different plans that you can opt for as per your budget and requirement. The higher the views you want in your video or story, the higher is the plan price to buy Instagram views and story views. But the higher plans are more profitable financially as well as for more popularity and reach on Instagram.

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Why Do You Want To Buy Instagram Video Views?

Buy Instagram video views because any video without views is dead. Any person who comes across a video with a low view count will never be triggered to check the video out. That is why you need to buy Instagram views to showcase a huge view count number. It is human nature to check out something that others are checking out. Therefore, the popularity of a video is determined by its view count.

Another reason to buy Instagram views is to increase the reach and engagement of the videos. The higher views you have on your video, the higher is the chance of the video getting viral organically as it will not only reach all your followers but also get recommended to Instagrammers who are not yet following you. Therefore, you need to buy Instagram views for showcasing your popularity and boosting the reach of the video.

Why Do You Want To Buy Instagram Story Views?

The reason you need to buy Instagram story views is to get ranked higher. Instagram story is a smart way for brands to promote a product or service among their followers. For individuals, the Instagram story helps to keep the followers engaged and connected. The higher the views on your Instagram story, the higher will be the rank of your story on your followers’ story feed. Therefore, the higher are the chances of your followers checking out your story.

Another reason to buy Instagram story views is to make your story reach out to each and every follower. When you have a large follower circle, your story may not be visible to everyone. The more views you have on your story, your story is more likely to be promoted to your followers. Therefore, do not have a second thought when it comes to buying Instagram story views.


How Buying Instagram Views Do Help Your Video Become Viral?

The reason when brands and businesses buy Instagram views all the time for every video they post is to help make every video viral. When you buy Instagram views for a video, the view count goes up steadily, and when your own followers come across your video, they will notice the stellar view count. Therefore, they will be tempted to watch your video, and your video will be watched by almost all your followers.

When you buy Instagram views, you get a certain number of views, and as your followers view the video, the view count increases organically. As a result of real views from the service and organic views from your followers, your video will hit the radar of Instagram video recommendation territory. Naturally, your video will be recommended to Instagrammers who are not your followers, and most of them will check it out due to the high view count. Therefore, it is only a matter of time for your video to become crazy viral.

How Do Buying Instagram Story Views Aid Your Story More Popular?

When you buy Instagram story views, the view count of your story increases. With the increase of the views, the rank of the story on the story feed of your followers improves. Depending on the number of views your purchase when you buy Instagram story views, your story will rank higher, and the higher will be the chance for your followers to check it out.

When more followers check your story out and find it interesting, they are likely to share it among their followers. Therefore, the story will get more popular. Moreover, when you buy Instagram story views and increase the view count, the story reaches out to more and more followers, and it gets popular naturally.



What Is Instagram Video Post?

An Instagram video post is a video clip of maximum video length of 60 seconds that Instagrammers upload on their accounts just like uploading photos.

How Long Can Instagram Videos Be?

Instagram videos can be of the maximum duration of 60 seconds. If you want to upload lengthier videos, you can upload multiple clips in succession or try out IGTV.

Do Instagram Views Include Your Own?

Yes, watching your own Instagram videos is counted as a view as long as you are watching from the Instagram app and the watching duration is more than 3 seconds.

Does Instagram Count Views From The Same Person?

Yes, Instagram count views from the same person when he watches a video in loop. However, the watch time has to be at least 3 seconds every single time.

What Is Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is a feature that lets users post photos and videos for their followers to watch. Every story vanishes from Story feed of the followers after 24 hours from upload.

How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?

An Instagram story can last 24 hours from the time of upload. After 24 hours, it vanishes from the Story feed of the followers automatically.

What Is Hide Your Story On Instagram?

If you do not want some of your followers to see your Instagram stories, you can hide your stories from them, and they will not see any of your stories in the future.

Can You Delete An Instagram Story?

Yes, you can easily delete an Instagram story by opening that story and tapping at the bottom right. Finally, tap on Delete option and confirm your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

At EarnViews, you can buy Instagram story views and video views at affordable prices. Here are some of the most frequently asked queries that will provide a deeper understanding of our services.

What Is The Difference Between Video Views And Story Views Service?

At EarnViews, you can buy Instagram video views and story views at reasonable rates. Now, let’s see the difference between video views and story views. The video views service is for your Instagram video posts that appear on the general feeds of your followers while the story views service is for the stories you post that appear on the story feeds of your followers.

What Are The Details Do You Require For Story Views And Video Views?

For the story views service, you need to share your username whereas, for the video views service, you need to share the video link on which you want the views. At EarnViews, we never ask for your profile password. So, you need not have to hesitate. Buy Instagram story views and video views from us and reap its amazing results.

Do You Provide Story Views And Video Views From Real Accounts?

All the views you will get from our video views, and story views services are coming from real users with real Instagram accounts. They are safe and non-drop. Our Instagram views are only from authentic users. So, you do not have to worry! Grab our top-quality Instagram views and enhance your engagement rate effortlessly.

How Long It Takes For Delivery Of The Service?

The complete delivery of the service depends on the order size. However, the service starts instantly after you purchase the service and your video or story will start receiving views instantly and steadily. Hence, you can buy Instagram story views and video views from us to improve your visibility organically.

EarnViews – We Serve The Best For Our Valuable Customers

Whether you are a brand or an individual, you should definitely buy Instagram views for all your videos and buy Instagram story views for your occasional stories. The video views will help in making your videos viral and attract more attention and engagement. Similarly, when you buy Instagram story views, the view count increases and your story gets a higher rank on the story feed of your followers. This will boost organic views and engagements making the story popular. You can now buy Instagram and story views at an affordable price as per your budget and requirement.